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UK to get first ever standard for biodegradable plastic following confusion over terminology

Amid concerns that manufacturers were misleading the public when using terms such as “biodegradable”, “bioplastic” [...]

Essential Requirements for Packaging should consider benefits of bioplastics

The European Commission (EC) is currently revising the Essential Requirements for Packaging as part of [...]

Biowaste management remains untapped potential for the European Union

A report recently published by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) and Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) [...]

Study shows benefit of using compostable biowaste bags for quality of compost

The Witzenhausen Institute and the University of Bayreuth conducted a very interesting study, analysing the compost of several German industrial composting facilities for possible plastic content deriving [...]

EU study lacks acknowledging benefits of compostable packaging

In the course of implementing the European Strategy for Plastics, so far, the European Commission [...]

Major beverage producers join pioneer project with bio-based plastic bottles

Last week, The Guardian reported on an interesting project, which has a great potential to revolutionize the [...]